All About that Functional Design

If you’ve been on the edge of your seat wondering about the Functional Design Project, today’s blog post is definitely for you!

Since we last blogged about the project, we’ve reviewed over 3,000 abstracts from searches across three major databases, focusing on physical activity, eating habits, and weight loss/maintenance. After spending hours upon hours carefully reviewing these abstracts, we are finally ready to move on to our next step: reading through the full text of all abstracts that met our initial criteria (approximately 200 articles).

In addition to reading, we’ve been studying Susan Michie’s Behavior Change Techniques, using an extremely helpful online tutorial founded by Dr. Michie and colleagues. The best part? Anyone with internet access can enroll in the training – it’s free! So if you have some spare time and want to become a behavior change technique expert, this may be the new hobby for you.

Finally, as thorough evidence reviews take a substantial amount of time to complete, we’ve decided to highlight some of the exemplary studies from our searches in our bimonthly eHealth Digest. Check out last month’s edition to learn what happens when goals and behavior meet halfway! You can even subscribe to our mailing list to ensure that you never miss an issue. You don’t want to be the only researcher at the water cooler who hasn’t read the latest digest!

Trust us: we’re eHealth experts.


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