CHAI’s Year in Review


Last year, our new blog declared that the cobbler’s children had no shoes. Our website needed a redesign, and we wanted to get our name out to more of the research community about our services.

We began by developing an initial marketing plan, setting up a Facebook page for building community, and a blog to post about our web development process as we prepared for the site’s re-launch.

The past year at CHAI has been quite the whirlwind. Our site is now up and running, and we continue to add to it and tweak as needed.

We added nine clients to our roster, served 58 researchers, and assisted 11 researchers with proposal development; we tallied up nearly 6200 total usage hours while helping create innovative public health interventions.

Last Halloween, we sponsored a very successful workshop, Building More Effective eInterventions Through Functional Design, at the NC Botanical Gardens. We even dedicated several blog posts to the event. We’re excited to plan more workshops for 2015!

Our team continues to grow, we’ve added project managers and research assistants, and now collaborate with other technical cores at UNC in order to share resources.

Moving forward, CHAI will continue to expand our marketing plan, particularly in the area of social media. (Expect to see regular blog posts!) Our aim is to offer links and helpful information to our readers, sometimes dashed with a bit of humor.

Technically, we continue to explore new and better ways to help our researchers achieve their goals. We’ve created several responsive web sites that deliver the same information to users regardless of device. We’re also developing mobile apps and advancing our User Interface skills. Our art department is expanding with our team.

We feel good about our progress of the past year. Not only do the cobbler’s children now have shoes, we have multiple styles from which to choose!


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