Recollect & Reflect

Now that we’ve had some time to recollect ourselves, we’re ready to reflect on the eIntervention Workshop. Here are our Top 10 Takeaways:

#10 Having a must-have and a nice-to-have list is helpful in both event planning and eInterventions! And while event planning is no joke, we had many laughs throughout the process.

#9 eHealth workshops are one place where it is socially acceptable to tweet while others are speaking. #CHAI4eHealth

#8 When building your eIntervention, consider the pros and cons of various technologies. One size does not fit all – focus on your population, intervention, and research question(s).

#7 Along with #8, don’t let your preconceptions of certain technologies lead you to exclude them before you consider them carefully (Thank you, Kellie Walters).

#6 Communication is key to translating your intervention into programming. Be prepared to wear many hats and speak many languages (research, programming, technology, design, management, and many more!)

#5 Technology changes rapidly, and the next new invention is difficult to predict. Focusing on the function, rather than the technology, can better ensure that your intervention is adapted to the next big thing (jetpacks, anyone?)!

#4 BCTs are a pretty cool way to isolate the active ingredients of eHealth interventions (don’t worry-there are Android & Apple apps for that!).

#3 Workshops are a great place to make new friends, connect with colleagues, share ideas, and build partnerships.

#2 “A cupcake without icing is just a muffin.” Technology is to function as icing is to cake-the perfect combination requires that you use the technology to enhance your scrumptiously developed function.

#1 Innovation takes a village, and we are so lucky to be part of the superb UNC community.

 Photo Credit: Creative Commons License

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