Put a Spell on Your Audience

In preparation for the workshop (which we cannot believe is only 2 weeks from today!), we have devoted much of our time to making sure our presentations are engaging. The idea of presenting to  30+ researchers on Halloween is spooky-scary, so we wanted to be well-prepared and put a spell on our audience!

How are we ensuring that the presentations are captivating? First, we selected content based on the goals outlined in our conceptual model. Each presentation was designed to achieve specific learning objectives. By continually referring to our conceptual model, we were able to streamline presentation content and eliminate the potential for repetitiveness across speakers.

Second, we have spent a great deal of time focusing on innovative presentation platforms and designs. If you are looking to branch out from PowerPoint, Prezi is a free online presentation software that comes with several templates, as well as tools you can use to customize your presentation to your liking. The site also has several helpful tutorials for transforming your presentation. If you don’t have the time to learn a new software,we suggest designing PowerPoints that don’t look like standard PowerPoints. For example, rather than having a title on each slide followed by several bullet points, think about the take home message for each slide and simply pair that with a great visual. Or better yet, for some slides use no words and only have a visual. By thinking outside of the PowerPoint box, you can create truly innovative and engaging presentations without having to learn a new software!

For more design tips, tricks, and treats, check out these sites (or as we mentioned in our last post, peruse Pinterest for some inspiration):




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