Pinning for Professional Events

Here at CHAI, we can’t believe the Workshop is only 3 weeks away! While our blog posts have focused on much of the content to be discussed on October 31st, we realized that we have not taken you behind the scenes of our event planning. Today, that changes.

In order to make our event both informative and exciting, we tapped into a popular social media site: Pinterest. As we began our event planning, we learned that Pinterest is more than delicious recipes and intense workout plans. The site has a ton of resources regarding everything from developing professional infographics to how-to guides for planning a great conference.

The best part of Pinterest? You’re not limited to what’s available on the site. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, use your regular web browser to search, pinning the relevant websites as you go!  Pinterest is an easy and organized way to store all of your ideas for an event.

Now we could share our event planning secret board for the Workshop, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise! You’ll just have to attend the Workshop on Friday October 31st to see our colorful infographics, engaging presentation templates, festive centerpieces, and healthy snacks! We hope to see you there!


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