Behaviors, and Technologies, and Techniques…Oh My!

In addition to planning our upcoming eIntervention Workshop, here at CHAI Core we’ve been busy busy busy working on a literature review of eInterventions. So far, we’ve read over 1200 abstracts and 100 full-text articles. We’ve gained so much knowledge already!

But what makes this review unique? We are focusing on studies that isolate the techniques used by technology-based interventions to effectively change behavior. In less jargon-y terms, we are looking to find the “active ingredients” of interventions that lead to behavior change.

How will we do that? After we determine which full-text articles meet inclusion criteria for our review, we will be coding the techniques employed by each intervention using the Behavior Change Technique Taxonomy (v1) developed by Michie et al. (2013). The taxonomy includes 93 distinct techniques that have been shown to be effective in changing behaviors. In other words, we’re using this common language (taxonomy) to establish a shared knowledge base about the state of eHealth interventions at this point in time.

Our hope is that this review will help researchers and practitioners across disciplines to develop more effective interventions, ultimately leading to greater behavior changes and benefits among intervention participants.

Visit us in a few weeks and find out what we’ve learned so far (only about 2,000 abstracts to go!)


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