Drum roll please…

Yesterday we launched the registration for our spooktacular eHealth workshop taking place on Halloween! Tune in to our blog each week as we take you behind the scenes of our workshop, from researching content to developing presentation templates. Along the way, we’ll provide links to helpful resources for workshop planning and update you on new innovations in the field of eHealth. You can also use and follow the hashtag #CHAI4eHealth on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on recent developments.

So let’s start at the beginning: our conceptual model.

As many in public health have learned, conceptual models are essential for program planning. Turns out, event planning is no different.

We started by listing our goals for the workshop.

From there, we worked backwards to determine which presentations and activities would best achieve these goals. This allowed us to eliminate the proposed components that offered the least “oomph,” leaving us with an optimized workshop, version 2.0.

CHAI4eHealth Tip: When planning any event, outline your goals and then work backwards to isolate which event components will best achieve these. By always going back to your goals, you’ll better ensure that your event does not go off topic.

Helpful Resource: Check out the Community Tool Box for great ideas regarding program planning, evaluation, grant writing and a variety of other topics.


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